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Fibre Optic Spectrometer Revolutionises Colour Measurement at Cambridge

AstraNet Systems has launched a Colour Measurement System that meets the needs of all laboratories wanting accurate, reliable results at low cost.

Small and portable, the Fibre Optic spectrometer has already proved a spectacular success with the Physical Geography Laboratories at the University of Cambridge, where it measures the colour bands in core soil samples. Accurate values for the lightness and the colour of sediments deposited thousands of years ago allow scientists to investigate rapid changes in the Earth’s past climate. They can also make comparisons with present-day changes, which environmentalists attribute to human activity.

“The advent of compact affordable optical spectrometers, which interface directly with a personal computer, has revolutionised colour measurement in the laboratory,” said Quaternary Palaeoenvironments Group laboratory manager Steve Boreham(1). “For the first time, colour can be logged along a core in real time, with the quantitative data exported directly to a spreadsheet. This has transformed colour measurement into a quick and easy routine non-destructive analytical technique.”

“This apparatus offers the convenience of being able to measure in ambient light conditions, and easily handles the large and awkward shape of core samples,” he said. “I would recommend this piece of kit to anyone needing to quickly and accurately measure the colour of soils or sediments.”

The fibre optic spectrometers should prove attractive to all laboratories because it is the lowest priced colour measurement instrument with a grating monochromator. Its CCD detector provides real-time wavelength scanning without any moving parts.

In addition, the modular design of the Fibre Optic spectrometers means that laboratories can customise the hardware to suit their own applications, and its reflectance probes are ideal for difficult locations or small samples.

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