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The Perfect Cuppa

Art or Science?

Everyone has a their own personal method of making the perfect cup of tea or coffee, and most would agree that the first few seconds after adding the boiling water is crucial.

However it’s not that easy to measure exactly what’s going on scientifically – just imagine trying to take samples of the scalding hot brew! Using fibre optic technology, an instrument from Astranet Systems Ltd of Cambridge monitors exactly what’s going on, even if the liquid is still boiling.

The fibre optic spectrometer uses an optical probe that can withstand temperatures well in excess of 100°C and can be placed directly in the hot liquid. The instrument measures the colour of the brew every two seconds and so can track the infusion process far more closely and more safely than was possible using previous methods that involved taking samples and measuring them later.

Mike Mills, MD of Astranet Systems, said “this system has many applications in the food and beverage industries and beyond – in fact anyone who needs to look at infusion or dissolution processes in hot or boiling liquids.”

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