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AstraQual IQ/OQ Support

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

AstraNet Systems Ltd (Cambridge UK) has announced the release of its AstraQual kits for the IQ and OQ procedures for its AstraGene iCF micro-volume spectrophotometer for DNA/RNA and protein analysis.

Along with detailed step-by-step instructions the kit contains reagents and all the necessary equipment for completing the installation and operational qualification. Each procedure includes verifiable steps that require signing-off, resulting in a traceable record of the commissioning process for reference and regulatory requirements.

AstraNet claim that their latest version, AstraGene iCF, has enhanced graphical resolution and that their novel design, that uses no moving parts, offers a rugged and durable solution to micro-volume DNA/RNA and Protein analysis, where 100% of the sample volume can be retained and virtually no maintenance is required.

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