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AstraGene II Life Science Spectrophotometer

AstraGene II


AstraGene II

Nucleic Acid and Protein Analysis

  • Only 2µL of sample required
  • Sample retained in unique sterile tip
  • Short pathlength avoids need for dilution
  • No carry-over between samples
  • No cleaning of contaminated surfaces between measurements
  • Fast measurement, less than 2 seconds per sample
  • No evaporation losses
  • Constant pathlength does not need re-calibration

For the past 2 years we have been working on a totally new design for the AstraGene II.  The electronics, optics and mechanics are all new as well as the design of the new enclosure.

Using our experience learned from the first generation, the Astragene II benefits from many changes which are hidden from the operator but which dramatically improve the performance.

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