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Case Studies

Metal Closures

Metal Closures (Huddersfield) Ltd is one of the UK’s top suppliers of metal containers for the home care, health and beauty, shoe care and hair care markets as well a...More

ICI Image Data

Checking Colour Quality at Speed ICI Imagedata asked AstraNet Systems Ltd to design and install an on-line monitoring system to check production of dye sublimation pri...More

Elforlight Tuning Lasers in Real Time

The ProblemElforlight the UK manufacturer of a range of line narrowed laser diodes designed for use as a source for Raman spectroscopy, needed to reduce the time taken ...More

The Perfect Cuppa

Art or Science?Everyone has a their own personal method of making the perfect cup of tea or coffee, and most would agree that the first few seconds after adding the boi...More

Inco Process Control with Fibre Optic Spectrometry

Inco, the international metals and mining company, is using a fibre optic spectrometer from Astranet Systems to control a Palladium refining process, which involves str...More

Fibre Optic Spectrometer Revolutionises Colour Measurement at Cambridge

AstraNet Systems has launched a Colour Measurement System that meets the needs of all laboratories wanting accurate, reliable results at low cost. Small and portable, ...More

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