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AstraNet Launches Effluent Monitoring

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

A new low cost, low maintenance Effluent Monitor from Astranet Systems Ltd offers a uniquely simple interface with programmable logic control (plc) systems. The versatility of the monitoring and control functions enables applications within a broad range of manufacturing environments.

As the only spectrometer with integrated analogue output and digital input/output, the Astranet Effluent Monitor interfaces easily with plc systems, without the need for expensive PCI cards to carry out valve-switching. Real-time event logging is provided as standard.

According to Astranet MD, Mike Mills, ‘This is a highly reliable system for monitoring effluents and controlling any necessary dilution or reagent addition. For example, it has been successfully implemented by a major dye manufacturer to ensure that water used to wash out vats is within permitted colour limits before discharge. If the absorbance exceeds specified limits, an alarm sounds and a valve is automatically opened to add water to the effluent.

The Effluent Monitor is based around a fibre optic scanning flat-field spectrometer, integrated with Astranet’s own design of flowcell and controlling software. Both transparent and opaque samples can be examined at wavelengths of 200 to 2,200nm, and the flowcell can be positioned up to 50 metres from the spectrometer and computer. This extreme versatility leads to a broad range of applications for water authorities and manufacturers monitoring effluent discharged into drains or water courses. With no moving parts the system is inherently low maintenance and a small footprint saves bench space.

AstraNet Systems Ltd, a specialist supplier to the UK spectroscopy market, has an expert team providing unprecedented levels of technical support.

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