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AstraGene II

AstraGene II

Photo of AstraGene II with dip probe and laptop AstraGene II
The versatile life science photospectrometer

  • Versatile range of sampling accessories
  • Samples do not evaporate when using microlitre pipette and no cross contamination between samples
  • Surface tension of the sample does not matter!
  • Zero maintenance, no moving parts
  • Wide absorbance range by using accessories
  • Full range of DNA and Protein measurements
  • Colorimetry and Kinetics
  • Small benchtop instrument 2.5kg
  • Full Windows software application included
  • Mac software under development

Capable of reading samples directly via patented pipette tip technology, low volumes (2.5ul) of highly concentrated sample can be measured within a short pathlength environment (1mm), making the instrument ideal for DNA, RNA and protein determination without the need for sample dilution.

AstraGene II has a spectral bandwidth of <2nm and uses a pulsed xenon lamp as its light source and a 3648 pixel CCD as its detector.

AstraGene II measures samples directly through optically transmitting pipette tips that transmit reliably in both the UV and visible parts of the spectrum. Using the tips, after measurement, the sample can be transferred by pipette directly into a tube or well ready for the next workflow step, the tip is ejected and a new tip is picked up ready for the following sample.

No cleaning between samples is required, there is no cross contamination and there is no sample loss, making the system ideal for medium to high throughput laboratories.

Researchers using this product will also benefit from low cost of ownership due to the fact that with no moving parts, a regular service engineer instrument recalibration is not necessary and the built in compact xenon flash lamp has a life expectancy of over a billion samples, thus removing the need for lamp replacement for the life of the unit.

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